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July 7, 2019: Bullet Dice Update


When we shipped our custom Bullet Dice earlier this year, we knew that it was a fun and different sort of six-sided die design. Manufactured using a double-injection process (where two different plastics are fused), when combined with the shape, the dice have a look unlike many of the dice that you see at the game table. Players as well as dice collectors were fast to notice the design. Since releasing the dice earlier this year, we've sold thousands – and we must now report that our primary warehouse is out-of-stock and will not have more Bullet Dice sets this year.

We kept back lots of copies for our own use (Warehouse 23, conventions, in Kickstarter campaigns), so the dice are not impossible to get. And right now you should have no trouble finding them at your favorite local game store. If your local store is out, though, you can order them today from Warehouse 23.

What games will these work with? Any title that uses six-sided dice, including Ogre, Shadowrun, BattleTech, and a near-infinite number of wargames. If it is about shooting at your opponents and requires d6s, these custom Bullet Dice make a great upgrade to the game.

-- Phil Reed

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