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July 31, 2019: #MunchkinHero


Have you seen this hashtag recently? Wondered what the heck was going on?

Eric Dow here. When my wife Denise and I started talking about taking a year to live out of our RV, it was suggested that we use some of that time to reach out to Friendly Local Game Stores along the way to Origins and Gen Con. "Splendid idea!" we said. Many of those stores have probably never had a visit from a manufacturer, but we planned to travel the byways and backroads. So we charted our course, made some calls, and headed toward Origins.

[Image]How does this relate to #MunchkinHero? Well, we decided Spyke should join us on our adventure . . . and he's kinda made this into an adventure of his own. You see, others have taken up the mantle, too (and if we're honest, we weren't the first to take a picture of Spyke in a cool place and submit it to the interwebs).

Now, if you have read this and seen some of the pictures, you are probably wondering, "How can I get involved?" It's EASY! Just take a picture of Spyke out gallivanting around in a place you think is cool. Include the hashtag #MunchkinHero in your post so we can find it. If your subject matter is cool and appropriate, we'll include your pic in our library of pictures, or maybe even repost it for others to see. Remember, we don't want anyone getting hurt doing this, so no trespassing, BASE jumping with drones close by, or other silliness. Just good clean fun with Spyke visiting neat places.

[Image]"Prizes?" you ask. Well, nothing formal at this point, but Denise and I are collecting some special trinkets along the way and we'd love to share them with folks who catch our attention. Maybe you can even track our progress and meet up with us along the way? Origins was great, and now we've made it all the way to Gen Con! See you there! Perhaps we'll have a meeting of the Spykes!

-- Alex Yeager

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