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July 9, 2019: Deadly Doodles At Gen Con!


We've now confirmed that we're 99% likely to have copies of Deadly Doodles for sale at Gen Con next month. The game was our biggest hit at Origins last month (as reported here), and we're doing all that we can to receive the inventory and ship cartons of the game to our Gen Con booth. If you're at Gen Con next month, be sure to swing by early and give the game a try; Sam and Randy did a fantastic job with the design, and it has performed remarkably well at every show we've taken it to this year.

If you can't make it to Gen Con, please preorder Deadly Doodles at your favorite local game store today. It is set to ship to distributors early next month and should be in stores everywhere by the end of August. If you're a fan of Katie Cook's artwork, dungeon-crawl adventures, and family games, then you want Deadly Doodles in your collection and at your game table to enjoy with friends and family. This one is a blast!

-- Phil Reed

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