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July 23, 2019: Hexagram #2 Preorders Now Open


New for The Fantasy Trip!

Skipping crowdfunding and jumping straight to open preorders, the second issue of Hexagram, for use with The Fantasy Trip, is now on Warehouse 23

The second issue of Hexagram is another 36 pages of TFT goodness, including three combat scenarios by Phil Reed, an adventure by Guy McLimore, two articles by Stefan Jones, and Steve Jackson's own take on the natural history of the Octopus! And more . . . we filled those little pages very full of Stuff. Come for the astrology, stay for the shadow sharks . . .

Anyone who preorders a physical copy of Hexagram #2 before August 19 will have the PDF added to their Warehouse 23 account once it's released, at no extra charge! We'll do this after we ship the physical zine.

Preorder issue 2 today! (Copies of the first issue are still available, if you missed it.)

-- Phil Reed

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