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July 19, 2019: Ogre Miniatures Painting Contest - FnordCon 2019 Winners!!

During the weekend of April 6-7, in Austin, we held FnordCon in Austin. Part of the convention fun was an Ogre Miniatures Painting Contest.

Prior to the weekend we announced we would be playing a LOT of Ogre and holding an Ogre miniatures painting contest. We had two divisions for entries including Photo (allowing people to submit their entries via email prior to the convention weekend) and Live (for those who wanted to bring a pre-painted piece OR sit down at our paint-and-take table and paint one on the spot).  Everyone was permitted to submit two painted miniatures in their chosen division from which we would select the winners. 


We received some really great entries ahead of time, as you can see in the photo album on our Facebook page.  And there were lots of minis painted during the weekend.  Each division had both very simple to very elaborate designs. 1st place winners received a pre-press copy of the Ogrezine magazine, 2nd place winners received one of the new M6 or M7 Ogre playmats, and honorable mentions received a set of Ogre dice. 

The winners of the Photo Division were:  

1st Place: Richard Meaden of Toronto, Ontario

2nd Place: Cat Reddington-Wilde of Malden, MA

Honorable Mention: Jean-Francois Briere of Miller's Falls, MA

Honorable Mention: Roland Boshnack of Chicago, IL



The winners of the Live Division were: 

1st Place: Mike Dunn of Austin, TX

2nd Place: John Beeman

Honorable Mention: Allen Smith of Georgetown, TX

Honorable Mention: Steven Collins of Round Rock, TX

We thank everyone who participated and look forward to seeing what you come up with for FnordCon 2020 – stay tuned for details!! Happy painting!!

-- Julie Yeager



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