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July 27, 2019: New 14mm Illuminati Six-Sided Dice!


We've offered Illuminati six-sided dice in both 16mm and 19mm in the past – in different colors – and now we're happy to report that the 14mm design is almost complete and will be shipping from the factory next month. By creating a 14mm version of the custom eye-in-the-pyramid logo d6, we can offer up handfuls of dice at a lower price, perfect for those games that require a lot of six-siders.

We'll have these for sale on Warehouse 23 late this year, but those who want them now can find them as a part of the Decks of Destiny preorder campaign on BackerKit. At the moment, we're offering the new 14mm dice in five colors:

  • Black plastic with white ink (10 dice)
  • Black plastic with glow-in-the-dark ink (10 dice)
  • Pearlized silver plastic with black ink (6 dice)
  • Pearlized blue plastic with white ink (6 dice)
  • Pearlized red plastic with white ink (6 dice)

These sets are not intended for distribution sales, so we skipped the packaging and kept the price as low as possible. Preorder handfuls of dice today!

-- Phil Reed

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