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June 3, 2022: A Spiffy Munchkin Anniversary

This month is the tenth anniversary of the Munchkin episode on TableTop. I got to play Munchkin on TV (very different from playing a Munchkin ON TV) (or is it?)). My fellow Munchkins for the afternoon were Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Sandeep Parikh. It was an amazing experience – I had never been close to the real Hollywood before – and the stars were all great people.

And they gave me a very good game. The end was truly Munchkiny. It involved negotiations – but I'm not going to spoil. You'll have to watch it yourself to see what we were negotiating about, how it came out, and how the game ended.

Not only was the episode a lot of fun for me personally, it did Munchkin a lot of good – and it's still doing good. It was such a great session, with such great players, that for the past ten years people have been watching it and thinking "I should try that game."

So thank you, Felicia, Wil, and Sandeep. I'll never forget that day, and your Tabletop show just went from strength to strength. (O Gentle Reader – If you have never seen TableTop, I hope that watching the Munchkin episode prompts you to binge. You'll see a lot of great games, well played!)

-- Steve Jackson

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