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June 15, 2022: BackerKit Dice Store Closes Tomorrow


Our latest dice pre-order store at BackerKit is scheduled to close tomorrow, making this your last chance at pre-ordering new dragon and skull dice, the upcoming Chibithulhu d6 Dice Set, and other dice that are scheduled for a wider release over the coming months. In addition to the pre-order opportunity, we've also listed several bundles and special deals on dice, dice bags, dice games, and game accessories, making thisa wonderful time to stock up on both new dice for your collection and holiday gifts.

Please note that none of the items listed on the pre-order store are exclusives. We will offer these in the future at our online store, Warehouse 23, and some of the dice and dice bags available for pre-order will be offered to our distribution partners over the coming months. If you're reading this and missed out, there will be more chances at the new dice!

The dice pre-order store is open to US addresses and closes tomorrow. Check out the dice today!

-- Phil Reed


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