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June 14, 2022: Steve Jackson's Dragons And Jack-O'-Lanterns Dice Games

For those of you who have the Illuminated Manuscript zine in your collection and have been hoping for a fancier edition of two of the dice games included in the zine, we've got a new Kickstarter campaign that will fit your interests. Nanogames: Dragons & Jack-o'-Lanterns is a double-sided poster map that folds down to roughly the size of a credit card, making it easier than ever to transport these two games. Both games are playable with standard six-sided dice, though we do offer custom Halloween and Dragon d6 Dice Sets that work perfectly with both games.

This new campaign is another "Quickstarter," a Kickstarter campaign that allows for roughly one week of funding, moves directly into the manufacturing and survey stages, and is designed to ship to project supporters as quickly as possible. (At the moment, estimated delivery is September 2022. We will update the Kickstarter campaign if the estimated date changes.)

The basic rewards -- to get the printed poster map -- is only $7. Those of you who want to get a signed copy of the game will want to join the project early; signed rewards are limited.

Please follow the Kickstarter landing page for email notification when the project goes live.

-- Phil Reed

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