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June 21, 2022: Now Available: Girl Genius Sourcebook And Roleplaying Game Hardcover


With the Kickstarter fulfillment behind us, we've now opened the Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game hardcover for sale at our online store, Warehouse 23. This stand-alone roleplaying game brings the Girl Genius series to your table. 

Its contents – lavishly illustrated in color, by none other than the Foglios! – include:

  • A detailed description of the setting and its history, drawing upon all available sources . . . and compiled with input from the creators themselves, so these pages reveal some secrets for the first time!
  • A complete roleplaying game covering character creation, equipment, combat, and dramatic situations and tasks – including inventing, of course! To play, just add paper, pencils, and six-sided dice.
  • Biographies and character stats for all the major characters and many minor ones, plus notes on supporting cast.
  • Game stats for a wide range of clanks, constructs, and other creatures unique to Girl Genius.
  • Tons of helpful advice on establishing mood, accurately emulating the comics, and running and playing the game.
  • An all-new eight-page Girl Genius comic!

The hardcover is available at our online store, Warehouse 23

-- Phil Reed

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