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June 9, 2022: Another STL Winner From Iain Lovecraft


When it comes to print-it-yourself STL files, Iain Lovecraft has some of the most polished and comprehensive Kickstarters out there. They include really beautiful, professional sculpts, and they deliver so much that even if you only want half of what's included, you get a tremendous bang for the buck. His latest one, now in its last 48 hours, is centered around gloomy Gothic-style buildings. Included are the spectacular Hungry Toad Tavern, which would make a good Kickstarter all by itself, along with a river barge with interchangeable parts, multiple bridges, an assortment of townsfolk, and of course the vampires. There's a stagecoach, a gazebo, parts for a dwarven mine, and a lot more. Almost all the stretch goals have been unlocked already; the final one is a vampire's castle. If you're just starting to build your collection of 3D minis, this will give you a good, and wide-ranging, set to get you started.

Both of us have supported as individuals, and we are both really looking forward to printing the Hungry Toad Tavern; that is going to be a showpiece.

Iain's Kickstarters are always good, but this is one of the best. It's in the last 48 hours, so check it out now.

If you have our own TFT Foes I, the skeletons (along with the ghouls from the upcoming Foes II ) will fit in nicely, too; those dwarves don't know what's around the corner.!

-- Steve Jackson and Jean McGuire

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