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June 18, 2022: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Books . . . On Demand!

Although the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game box set is loaded with what you need to play the game, we are often asked by gaming groups: "How can I get extra copies of the books my players need to join in my campaign?" We agree that every player at the table owning a copy of the box set would be overkill, so we've included some of the key books from that box set as a part of our GURPS On Demand program.

You're unfamiliar with GURPS On Demand? Taking advantage of Amazon's global reach and print-on-demand tools, we've listed over 100 different GURPS titles as print-on-demand books, making it easier than ever for players and gamemasters around the world to buy print copies of many of our existing GURPS titles. The program is by no means complete -- we continue to add books when possible, but some license restrictions prevent us from offering everything -- but there are plenty of books for everyone to find something they'll enjoy.

As to the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game side of the print-on-demand program, we now offer nine different books in the series. Two of these books (Adventurers and Spells) are exactly what you're looking for if you want to get more copies of the basic books in play at your next session.

For a list of the titles that are currently available, please visit the GURPS On Demand page on our site.

-- Phil Reed

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