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March 29, 2016: GURPS Characters And Campaigns Reprints Shipping Now

GURPS Basic Set: CharactersGURPS Basic Set: CampaignsThe newest printings of both volumes of the GURPS Basic Set have arrived from the printer and are now shipping to distributors. These have both been out of stock at our primary warehouse for a little while now; bringing these two books back into print keeps the entryway into the GURPS system on store shelves, easily accessible to anyone looking to explore the game.

We publish new GURPS support monthly, so keep your eyes on our New Releases page for the latest releases. If you'd like to know more about the system try the free introductory RPG, GURPS Lite. To learn even more about the game, you can chat directly with GURPS fans and creators in our dedicated GURPS forum

-- Phil Reed

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