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May 8, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus: The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

Dresden Files Card Game

The owner of Evil Hat Productions, Fred Hicks, dropped by the office recently with their newest project in tow: The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, an upcoming release, currently on Kickstarter. TDFCCG takes the world of Jim Butcher's iconic series and brings it to life on the tabletop, letting players take the role of Harry Dresden and company to investigate mysteries, fight baddies, and overcome obstacles. Each player uses their own deck, themed around their character, to accomplish these goals. In addition to unique decks, each character has its own Stunt and Talent that sets them apart, like Harry's Blasting Rod. Ultimately, you have to use the limited cards in your hand to manipulate fate tokens, solve enough cases, and clear enough enemies to be able to win in the final Showdown. All of the mechanics tie together ingeniously: cards are your main resource and running out of them will end the game faster, but you need to use fate token to play cards, and discarding cards generates fate tokens.

Dresden Files Card Game

TDFCCG is entering its stretch run, and has funded multiple times over, so get in now for some of the cool stretch goals. Thanks again to Fred and Evil Hat for letting us play it early!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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