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May 26, 2016: Randy Makes A Mess With Simon's Cat Card Game

Simon's Cat Card Game

Simon Tofield draws pet mischief very well. Painfully well, in fact. For Simon's Cat Card Game, we focused on the mess that gets made of his house when we made this card game. How can any human stand to live under this constant barrage of home damage? I don't know, but his videos sure are fun to watch.

This simple trick taking game is fast, easy to play, and easy to learn. You are likely to get sucked in to game after game without realizing it is even happening. The cards have vibrant color and are language independent so it is a great game to play with anyone. The game components consist of a deck of playing cards and a stack of blame cards so it is very transportable, and is playable in most settings. 

Simon's Cat Card Game is coming out this June, but we'll have limited early copies at BGG Spring, this weekend. They'll go fast, so swing by the booth and get your copy early. 

-- Randy Scheunemann

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