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May 25, 2016: Munchkin Comics #17 In Stores Now!

Munchkin comics #17 by BOOM! Studios is now in stores! It's hard to believe we live in a world where that sentence exists. The sheer fact that we have a comic excites me to no end, but #17 is even more special to me. The first of the two excellent stories in that issue is titled "My Faire Munchkin" and features most of the monsters from Munchkin Knights, a booster pack that I wrote!

Munchkin Comic 17 Munchkin Comic 17 Munchkin Comic 17

Seeing my Knights in the story is awesome. Having them (mostly) beat the tar out of Spyke is hilarious. The story, written by Sam Sykes, is fantastic and comes to a conclusion that only a Munchkin comic could. The art by Mike Luckas is incredible; his characters are spot-on. If you don't laugh when the Boogie Knight appears, I'm afraid there's something deeply wrong with you.

We have fun making Munchkin every day, and it's great to see that the wonderful folks working on the Munchkin comic do, too.

-- Devin Lewis

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