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May 15, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus: RenFest


I'm a big fan of TV comedy.  My top 10 shows include Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Freak And Geeks (which really struck home as a nerd growing up). I stumbled onto the show RenFest in my recommended Kickstarters, and was quickly inundated with friends recommending it to me. And . . . they're right! The trailer is hilarious, and features cast members of both previously-mentioned shows, as well as writers and actors from many other comedy projects. The campaign compares it to The Office, another favorite of mine, and I have to agree. It's got a bit of a mockumentary vibe, and explores the behind the scenes activity involved in running a sprawling Renaissance Faire, with the struggle between Elisabeth's desire for historical accuracy and Lloyd's eccentric marketing. 

Our friend and Munchkin Guest Artist, Len Peralta, is involved with the campaign as well, with a custom print available as one of the pledge levels. You can also get physical DVDs, digital content, and exclusive signed shirts. If you're a geek like myself, and enjoy real-world comedy, then this festival is one I would explore. The campaign just started, so you still have time to back!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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