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May 13, 2016: The Ultimate Car Wars Battleground!

Car Wars custom board

You may not have heard of the Granite State Challenge, most likely because it's a group of friends playing Car Wars at their home. But once you see their setup, you'll wish you knew them. This group has taken their passion for car combat to the extreme, with a 96-square-foot custom board, complete with ads featuring the drivers, custom painted cars, tons of custom tokens, and of course prizes fit for these metal bashing kings.

Car Wars custom board They've held the Challenge for the past three years, and their love for the game shows with the arsenal of custom equipment, all the way down to the drivers licenses used to keep track of speed. The format this year was a race of laps, with one replacement car if your primary car gets destroyed. You don't necessarily have to win to be recognized, however. Respect is shown for being the first torched driver as well. Going down in a blaze of glory has its perks!

If you're interested in seeing more, check out the imgur album. There are a ton of pictures showing off the event, with a full battle report. Just keep a mop handy for all your drooling.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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