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May 20, 2016: Preorder Simon's Cat Card Game Now!

Simon's Cat Card Game

Our cat herders in Warehouse 23 have informed us that Simon's Cat Card Game is now available for preorder!

Have a cat lover in your life? Or maybe 2-4? Then this is the game for you. Play cards, match numbers and colors, and avoid being blamed for the mess. Simon's Cat Card Game features vibrant art from the sensational Simon's Cat web series. Designed by our own Samuel Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann, there's a lot of game in the little package. It's cute, yet cutthroat, as you fight to stay away from Simon's blame. The purrfect game for a family game night, and if you play with real cats, you'll beat them 99% of the time. Our sample group had one very smart kitten.

You can preorder now at your friendly local game store, or through Warehouse 23. Simon's Cat Card Game will be out later in June!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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