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November 1, 2022: Looking For Gifts? GURPS On Demand Ships Worldwide!

The holiday season is coming in fast, which means that it is time for all of us start planning gifts for our friends and loved ones. If your shopping list includes roleplaying game fans, even someone who only has experience with the ever-present Dungeons & Dragons, then our GURPS On Demand series can help with your decision. Many GURPS supplements, especially the dozens of third edition titles available right now, make fantastic resources for almost any roleplaying game. Clever, imaginative gamemasters have been turning to GURPS books for decades when seeking inspiration and ideas to lift and drop into almost any game.

We have over 100 different titles available as a part of the GURPS On Demand series and, perhaps best of all, these books are printed as close to their final destination as possible, which minimizes shipping costs.

Please visit the GURPS On Demand page today and select a book or two to share as gifts with your friends this holiday season!

-- Phil Reed


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