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November 25, 2022: CARnage Printable Cars And Weapons Launching Today On Kickstarter

We talk about customizing vehicles in Car Wars Sixth Edition a lot, and the one comment we receive the most is that players want to customize the minis. And not just for our games, but other car combat games. So we decided to answer that request and give autoduellists an option for their garage!

The CARnage Kickstarter adds printable STL files for cars and, even cooler, an assortment of weapons with which to customize them. We took the great weapon designs we've used on our existing miniature range and made them a bit more modular for use with other cars, such as our own 3-D printable files, or toy cars like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other (approximately) 1:64 scale brands. With over 50 weapons and accessories, plus 36 cars and 4 wrecks, even Uncle Al is doing a double take!

Similar to our Fantasy Trip Foes campaign, this project is strictly 3-D printable STL files. There are no physical cars or weapons. However, there are services available (like Shapeways) if you don't have access to a printer. This is a lower-cost way to offer some really fun new options for our Car Wars fans as well as for folks who would like some alternatives for other tabletop ventures. 


The campaign launches later today, so please don't forget to follow the Kickstarter page to receive email notification when the project goes live. Drive Offensively! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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