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October 24, 2004: Looking For A Very Good Editor

SJ Games is looking for a full-time editor in our Austin office. Duties will include both copy editing and fact checking, as well as some liaison with writers. Word-processing skills are required: Word, on Mac, will be most compatible with our systems, but we can put you on a PC if we have to. Quark skills would be a definite plus.

The ideal candidate will have experience as a professional editor and be familiar with the GURPS system. (It's all right if you are not yet up to speed on Fourth Edition, provided you can GET up to speed quickly.) Any candidate will need a good knowledge of gaming, especially roleplaying, and a wide background of general information.

Significant management experience could substitute for the GURPS skills, in which case your final job description would be somewhat different.

Whatever your other qualifications, please do not apply if you suspect that your grammar and spelling are less than perfect; you will be responsible for correcting others' work, and your own work must not need checking. Illiterate applications for editorial positions are posted on our office bulletin board for general mockery. A new hire whose work contains spelling and grammatical errors will simply be a drain on others' time, and will be dismissed quickly and with minimal apology. You have been warned.

Physical Requirements: Constant typing is necessary. A candidate should not suffer from any condition which makes typing difficult or painful (and should take appropriate ergonomic precautions to avoid the possibility of repetitive stress injury).

For more information, or to send in your resume (in ASCII or PDF format), please contact Steve Jackson at sj@sjgames.com.

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