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September 5, 2014: Lion Rampant Open House Next Week

Hello, retailers! Ross and I are joining our partners at Lion Rampant on September 12, 2014 for their annual open house. If you're a hobby game retailer near Brantford, Ontario you will want to check with Lion Rampant for details on attending their open house where several game manufacturers are sure to show you more incredible games than you can realistically play in a single day.

For our own table at the show we will have Mars Attacks -- The Dice Game, Hipster Dice, Car Wars Classic, and all of the latest Munchkin releases. With any luck we may also have an early copy of Tile Chess, and if Ross and I can pry the game out of our staff's hands we will bring along a new dexterity game that is scheduled for release next year. What game is that? See us at the Lion Rampant open house to find out!

-- Phil Reed

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