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September 8, 2022: And Then There Was DragonCon

I'm back from Atlanta. Been back since Monday night, actually . . . but I have been busier than a robotic hive of Busy Things. Not only did I miss most of a week of work, but all kinds of good stuff happened at DC that required massive typetypetyping.

The game design workshop went very well. Better than last year, and last year was good. We had fewer students, which may not SOUND good, but it meant we got to spend more time with each one of them, and Bill and I are not doing this for the tuition money. We're already discussing whether we need a format change for next year, assuming the con wants to continue the feature in some form.

I got to play games! Actual games! Spent hours and hours with Car Wars. Played a game of Caligula and yes, the beverages were alcoholic. Learned Netrunner, which I had managed to miss the first time around. (Okay, started to learn it. You do not "learn" a Richard Garfield CCG in one sitting.) Plus the student games at the workshop. Very satisfactory

Another thing I had never done before: "go to Medieval Times." That was fun. And I saw upwards of a million costumes; my favorite was a beautiful brunette cosplaying Hellboy, and yes, it worked awesomely. And as far as I know I did not catch COVID - at least, it is Wednesday night and I'm not sick. Knock on wood. The con was masked but the planes were not, ugh.

There were licensing discussions. There were interviews. There were panels. There was catching up with old friends. There was a big piece of Death By Chocolate cake. And, biggest deal of all, there was the announcement that Dire Wolf is doing Munchkin Digital. Coming this fall, people!

-- Steve Jackson

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