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September 16, 2022: New Car Wars Sixth Edition Playmat Pre-Orders

As we officially release Car Wars Sixth Edition to stores across the world (see this Daily Illuminator post), we'e also hard at work on new game content and accessories for this fastest-playing edition of the classic game of automotive combat. The Car Wars Companion -- which features new scenarios and rules options -- is in the editing stage and not quite ready, but we are happy to announce that we're running a pre-order campaign for the new Car Wars playmats. 

There are a total of three new City Block playmats, each of which can be used alone or combined with other playmats in the series to create a large battlescape. These playmats give you a way to vary the terrain in your games and will make excellent tools for those of you crafting original scenarios. 

In addition to the three new playmats, we're also listing several other Car Wars Sixth Edition playmats in the pre-order campaign. Pre-orders are scheduled to ship in 2023, though, so we recommend only ordering the new playmats as a part of this offer unless you're fine with waiting until next year to get all the goodies. If you want to use the existing expansions today, we suggest asking at your favorite local game store or ordering at Warehouse 23, our online store.

NOTE: Not all of the Car Wars Sixth Edition titles are currently being offered to distributors. Please see this Daily Illuminator post for more information.

Pre-orders close on October 3, 2022.

-- Phil Reed

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