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September 10, 2022: Updating The Phases Of The Moon d6


When we received the initial test shots of the upcoming Phases of the Moon d6, we were unhappy with how barren the blister card felt. We try to standardize the packaging for our various dice sets to make it easier for retailers to display the dice together, but this particular pack looked far too vacant once we had the test in our hands. So, after some thought and discussions, we decided to take advantage of the space to add two bonus dice to the package.

As you can see in the photo, we packaged the two bonus dice in such a way that the exact dice included are a mystery until the package is open. There are a handful of variations in the included bonus dice, meaning that the dice hiding behind that piece of printed paper could be one of a number of different six-sided pairings.

There are a finite number of dice combinations, though, so we do not suggest anyone buy more than one pack of the Phases of the Moon d6. There's no real benefit to multiples. If you really want more six-sided dice, we have a wide vaiety of choices available right now without the need to blindly buy dice.

Phases of the Moon d6 is another victim of manufacturing and freight delays. The package should have shipped to stores earlier this year, but it took longer than expected to work through manufacturing and shipping. Fortunately, it is now in our primary warehouse and set to hit stores this month.

-- Phil Reed

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