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September 28, 2022: Visit Our Discord!

We have a company Discord now. Technically, we've had it for a while, but it has been closed except during FnordCons. It's now open 24/ 7 and we'd love to see you! (I like Discord.)

Current discussion categories are New & Upcoming, Munchkin, Car Wars, Ogre/GEV, Roleplaying Games, and Other Games.  We announce when we launch crowdfunding/preorder campaigns, and we announce when we're going live on stream.

We find ourselves talking about things like RPG campaign overviews, 3d printing projects and strategies, Car Wars game recaps and analysis, discussions of favorite Munchkin sets, and favorite weird promos found over the years.

We have no regularly scheduled live events . . . yet . . . but we'll see how things grow. Our staff irregularly appears on the Discord and makes brilliant comments, and sometimes the other kind too.

This is the invite link to join the server: http://discord.gg/2zdUmeMkSW - feel free to share with other fans!

-- Steve Jackson

PS - FnordCon 6 will be happening on the Discord on November 11-12!

PPS - Looking for more fan involvement! If you are familiar with community management/moderation, especially Discord, and want to help the Illuminati take over the world one pixel at a time, drop a note to community@sjgames.com and we will talk!

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