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GURPS Basic Set: Characters
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GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns
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GURPS Zombies
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General Information

Want to know what GURPS is about? Start here!


Ready to get into GURPS? Here's where to get the goods.

  • e23 e23 is where to buy PDFs, software, and other digital content online.
  • W23 Warehouse 23 is our online store, where you can order physical products online.
  • Gamer and Store Finder can help you find a local retailer of GURPS supplements.
  • GURPS Character Assistant is the official character-creation app, and such a time-saver that we're listing it separately.
  • Master GURPS Bibliography lists bibliographies of GURPS Fourth Edition supplements, with links to buy the media mentioned there.


GURPS has always had a supporting periodical: first Roleplayer magazine and then three incarnations of Pyramid magazine.

  • Pyramid – now up to Volume 3 – is the current GURPS zine, released monthly in PDF form.
  • Back Issues: Past Volumes talks about Volume 1 (the print magazine) and Volume 2 (the weekly online zine).
  • Roleplayer Index lets you search the original GURPS zine.

Official Game Aids

Seeking record sheets, play aids, and utilities? Tons of good stuff is available for FREE!

Rules Support

Have questions about the rules in your GURPS supplements? This is where to look for the official answer.


GURPS has an active community! This is often the best place to turn for answers.

Getting Involved

Thinking of diving in and making your mark on GURPS? You'll want this information.

Getting Really Involved

Want to take it to the next level and get published? Read on!

Legacy Support

We dedicate most of our support efforts to GURPS Fourth Edition. However, some GURPS Third Edition resources remain available.

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