This is a setting based on the "Dark Victory" fiction by redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin/Kris Overstreet), written by Redneck Gaijin himself.

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[In this setting, Armageddon has come and gone, and the Hosts of Heaven are defeated. Yet Yves has convinced Lucifer that without his aid in the conflict that must yet come, all of humanity, the Earth and the Marches will be destroyed. Eventually, all that would be left would be Lucifer himself, ruling over nothingness.

Lucifer decides that would be no fun...

Some of the other Princes, while yet demonic, agree... And thus things get really interesting: Archangel is what you call anyone, demon or angel, who is on the side of preserving Creation. Prince is still for demons. If you want to see more, you're going to have to ask RG to write up more -- he won't do it without encouragement! --arcangel]


Dark Victory

The Seed of Hope

The Seed of Fate

Business As Usual

In the Caverns of Stone


The Preservers

Eli, Mercurian Archangel of Creation; De facto leader of the Celestial faction to preserve the Universe.

Andrealphus, Impudite Archangel of Lust; Sides with Eli, least trusted and most despised of the Preserver faction.

Gabriel, Ofanite Archangel of Fire, Weakened but still nominally an Archangel, the only Celestial who still believes God is still watching.

Lilith, Archangel of Freedom/Liberation; Severely dissonant, on the brink of Redeeming; defected to the Preserver cause, is now Archangel of Freedom; if she Redeems, she will probably become Archangel of Liberation.

Lucifer, Seraph Archangel of Light; he does not lead, but simply seeks to atone.

Marc, Mercurian Vassel of Light, Angel of Trade (Lost Archangel status, serves Lucifer, no Servitors.)

Novalis, Cherub Master of Light, Angel of Flowers (Lost Archangel status, Lucifer's chief lieutenant, handful of Servitors without special Rites, Distinctions, and with only Choir attunements and Nothing But Flowers.)

Nybbas, Impudite Archangel of the Media/Communications; defected to the Preserver cause, now claims to be the Archangel of Communication; works closely with Eli.

Yves, Archangel of Destiny; As cryptic as ever, weakened but still potent.

Christopher, Cherub Friend of Destiny, Angel of Children (severely weakened, serves Yves.)

The Destroyers

Dominic, Balseraph Prince of Cleansing

Furfur, Calabite Prince of Hardcore; stronger than ever, as Hardcore grips all of Creation, but not strong enough to directly challenge for the Granite Throne... yet.

Haagenti, Calabite Prince of Gluttony; Reduced in power, but still a Demon Prince, and still hungry.

Kronos, Balseraph Prince of Fate; Alive and well, working to push Creation on to its final Fate.

Malphas, Shedite Prince of Factions; scheming to dethrone Saminga as de facto Replacement Adversary.

Saminga, Shedite Prince of Death; strongest Superior currently in Hell, is actively stripping both living humans and Demons of their Forces to add to himself.

Vapula, Habbalite Prince of Technology; happily tortur- um, experimenting with Malakim prisoners, -especially- David.

The List of the Dead, Missing, Wildcards and Captives

Non Superiors

One final note: It seems as if the Heavenly forces outnumber Hell, Superior for Superior. This is a fallacy. Hell has only a handful of Superiors remaining, since the current ruler of Hell, Saminga, has no desire to appoint new ones. The Superiors Heaven has remaining or appoints are much weaker than their demonic counterparts, with the exceptions of Eli and Lucifer. Even if Kobal were to return from Haagenti's gullet by some bizarre miracle, if David were rescued and restored to power, if Janus and Jordi return to the fold, Heaven would -still- be heavily outnumbered and outgunned.

A game played in the Dark Victory universe will be played either from the Hell standpoint (in which you will be seeking to finish the destruction of everything, or to see your Superior seated on the Granite Throne as the Supreme Being) or from the New Heaven standpoint (in which demons and angels fight side by side in uneasy alliance, willing to forsake the old War to preserve and restore God's Creation). I personally find the latter more interesting, but there's plenty of possibilities in the former...

(NOTE: Since many of the defector-Angels are still demonic in nature, in the DV universe Archangels may have Demon servitors as well as Angel servitors. Demonic servitors of Archangels may Redeem without fear; however, an Angel Falling is still a dangerous thing, since -there is no guarantee the fallen Angel will not be claimed by Hell.- One of the basic tenets of the New Heaven is that angels and demons must learn to co-exist and work together, or else risk the destruction of the Universe.

(The one exception is this; Shedim, being the ultimate destroyers they are, may -not- serve in Heaven. Even Calabim may turn their Resonances to good, or at least to harmless endeavors. Shedim, OTOH, are bound by their nature to destroy their hosts' souls, and cannot be used by Good.


Locations in the Dark Victory World


Austin, Texas

Lake Madrid, Missouri

The Northeast States of America (NEA)

The Holy City of Rio de Janeiro




Corporeal Death in Armageddeon and After



Where Souls Go

The Presidency of the United States


The Granite Throne


Jerseys, Leviathan, Hidebehinds

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