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March 5, 2010: Geeks In Austin? Of Course!

Austin is filled with geeks, it's true. As "Little Silicon Valley," the streets teem with people who can quote Monty Python as well as they can script in Python, know the difference between Doctor Who and a doctor working with WHO, and can tell you about their character in three different game systems.

This tends to be doubly true during South By Southwest. The interactive festival attracts the digital gaming geeks (like the ScreenBurn participants), the film portion brings in the A/V geeks (I believe there are a billion movies being screened this year), and the music . . . well, the music brings in band geeks of all varieties (even nerdcore!).

If you're a geek, and you're in Austin on Saturday, March 13, stop by our Open House (directions!) between 4pm and 9pm. We're not thinking anything very formal, but if you're interested, please RSVP (it'll help with planning). We'll roll some dice, and chat about games -- tabletop vs. digital, the importance of playtesting, new releases and old favorites. Honestly, the number of gaming-related topics we won't talk about is pretty small.

After all, we're all geeks here.

-- Paul Chapman

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