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December 20, 2011: Sure, The Stockings Are Hung With Care . . . But How Much Was That Boot?!

GURPS Low-Tech Instant Armor

My original headline was "Instant Armor's Gonna Get You!" but I wasn't sure if an oblique reference to a 40-year-old song would earn me any "coolness" points.

Even though the office is already closed for the holidays, we've been busy right down to the wire getting nifty new items together for you. In addition to the latest epic installment of Pyramid (Pyramid #3/38: The Power of Myth -- out a week earlier than normal!), we also released a GURPS supplement that's sure to be a huge hit for harried gamers everywhere. To explain why, I need to back up a smidge.

GURPS Low-Tech and GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors are awesome resources for armor options. Unfortunately, it can take some number-crunching to build exactly the pieces of protection you want. As the name implies, GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor reduces that page-flipping and calculating to quick, ready-to-use "menus." Pick which armor pieces you want, with tables for torso, arm, leg, head, neck, hand, and foot protection. Each item also lists the realistic time needed to don it, plus a Holdout penalty that accounts for DR, flexibility, and design.

This supplement is also an armorer's dream, with lots of additional goodies to help keep low-tech folks safe. It includes choices for special materials and modifications, new ready-to-use helmets, and optional rules. The next time your heroes try to loot hand-tailored armor or try to sleep in a suit of hardened leather, you'll be prepared.

Holiday shopping can be incredibly stressful, but armor shopping doesn't need to be. Stop by e23, pick up GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor, and enjoy your one-stop shop for how to stop chops!

-- Steven Marsh

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