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December 19, 2011: Ten Years Of Nine-Fingered Heroes

GURPS Fantasy

GURPS Mass Combat

Today is December 19, which marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy . . . which I understand was also turned into a series of successful novelizations. [I'm just kidding! Stop flooding my inbox! Ieeee!!!]

As a gamer geek, one way I have fun watching this classic film series is by asking, "Hmm . . . how would I emulate something like that in GURPS?"

Naturally, GURPS Fantasy is a must. Since magic is important but differently flavored, I'd probably pore over GURPS Thaumatology for ideas. Getting the technological feel right is important, so I'd want to make sure I had GURPS Low-Tech on hand. Inserting some "impossibility" is a way to enhance the otherworldly atmosphere of such a setting, so I should also peruse GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1: The Edge of Reality for ideas. Plus, for all those epic battlefield scenes, you can bet I'd be making use of GURPS Mass Combat (which I note has Hero rules on p. 9 to help simulate a brave batch of adventurers turning the tide . . .)

Of course, I could also skip all that history and epic-ness and move right to the madcap adventurous orc-killing action. In that case, I'd go with the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line. Make some heroes with Adventurers, go adventuring in Dungeons, and hopefully roll on the ever-rewarding Treasure Tables!

This anniversary is a perfect occasion for epic action in front of a screen -- whether that's a widescreen TV or a GM's Screen!

-- Steven Marsh

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