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May 4, 2019: New To The Fantasy Trip And Have Questions?

Now that The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition has been released (find it at your favorite local game store or at Warehouse 23), we're seeing more and more comments from those new to the game who have questions. Fortunately, there are two excellent channels to turn to for assistance:

  • The official forums, where players and GMs have been very helpful in guiding new players.
  • The Fantasy Trip group on Facebook, where over 800 players regularly discuss the game . . . and share a lot of great session reports along with personal tips and tricks.

And if you're a long-time player of The Fantasy Trip, please consider joining the discussions and help provide guidance to the new players. The more players and game masters who participate in the forums and on Facebook, the more that everyone can learn about the game. Those new players need your experience and help!

-- Phil Reed

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