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May 6, 2019: The Fantasy Trip Custom D6 Concepts


A recent forum thread asked about custom six-sided dice for use with The Fantasy Trip. The discussion was productive and entertaining, and gave us a chance to explain some of our decisions behind manufacturing custom dice (and to learn more, check this post by GPI about injection molding). In the thread, a few of the suggestions for a custom six-sided die design caught our attention and led to creating two concepts that may be worth exploring . . . 

Best of all, if there's enough interest in either design, there may be time to incorporate a custom six-sided die into the Decks of Destiny campaign that is currently on Kickstarter. If you're already a project backer, please let us know in the comments which of the two concepts most interests you. And if you're not already supporting the Decks of Destiny campaign, there's still time to join in and help shatter those stretch goals. Join the project today!

-- Phil Reed

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