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May 17, 2019: Preorder Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 Today!


Did you miss out on the Kickstarter campaign to create Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 along with reprinting the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game box set? Not to fear, gang, because we now have preorders open for this new Powered by GURPS book and the game reprint! We know that GURPS players are always in search of more foes, and Sean Punch's work on the Monsters 2 book won't disappoint – it brings over two dozen new monsters to the game. The book and box are on track to reach project backers later this year, and any preorders placed now will be mailed out at the same time as the Kickstarter shipments.

Visit the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 preorder page today to secure your copy of this new Powered by GURPS book!

-- Phil Reed

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