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May 9, 2019: Inside The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition

The folks over at BigBossBattle reached out to us recently wondering if they could review The Fantasy Trip for us. We, of course, love questions like that, so we sent some goodies over to Matt Smail of B3, who describes himself as "a life-long fan of all things gaming." From his review, it looks like he really enjoyed unboxing the 8.3 pounds of TFT Legacy Edition! Matt does a great job of introducing the game, starting with Melee (as one should), and then adding the magic of Wizard. With these under this belt, he was ready for the Death Test adventures and beyond! You can read all about it right here. And if you've been trapped in a dungeon for the past few months and don't have your copy of The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition, all is not lost. Our current Decks of Destiny Kickstarter has a level for that!

-- Susan Bueno

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