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May 23, 2019: Preorder Autoduel Champions Today!


Thank you to the team at Hero Games for licensing the Champions game to us . . . again! As a part of the successful Pocket Box campaign on Kickstarter earlier this year, we're reprinting the Autoduel Champions sourcebook, meaning now is your chance to preorder a copy of the book. Originally published in 1983, Aaron Allston's work on Autoduel Champions created one of the earliest setting sourcebooks for the Car Wars universe, and the book is every enjoyable today as it was back in 1987 when I bought a copy for my game collection.

This near-exact reproduction of the original is just one of the 30+ Steve Jackson Games titles from the '80s that we're printing as part of the Pocket Box project. The factory is still working on scanning the materials, but we remain on schedule to deliver the Kickstarter rewards this fall. We'll flow preorders in with the Kickstarter mailings, so check out the preorder page today and don't miss out on this chance at an instant Steve Jackson Games collection of classic games and expansions!

-- Phil Reed

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