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May 22, 2019: A New Style Of Metal Six-Sided Die


We announced this prototype d6 in an update to the Decks of Destiny campaign, revealed a little info on the making of the die in this BGG blog post, and now we're happy to share the design with all of you: This 25mm metal die was created using some of Liz Danforth's counter artwork from The Fantasy Trip and, as you can tell by the photo, it turned out great! We started work on the die earlier this year when David and I visited the GPI factory in China, and a steady stream of discussion and revisions was required to take the concept through to this finished prototype.

How can you get your hands on one of these metal dice? At the moment, your best opportunity is to join the Decks of Destiny campaign and help us unlock more stretch goals. At $100,000, we will automatically add one of these dice to the I Want All The Newness reward level and, yes, the die will be available as an add-on item at that time. Join in Decks of Destiny today! More support equals more rewards, and the over 20 stretch goals already unlocked has made this a fantastic expansion to The Fantasy Trip. Your support can make the box even better!

-- Phil Reed

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