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May 20, 2019: Ogre Battlefields Update


The new Ogre Battlefields expansion for use with Ogre Sixth Edition and the Ogre Designer's Edition is in the final manufacturing stages and will load onto a container this month. The heavy box (over 8 lbs.!) includes double-sided mounted gameboards, rules, and a lot of counters that are sure to extend your scenario options. We'll be shipping the Kickstarter rewards starting in late June/early July, and we'll offer any remaining inventory on Warehouse 23. Ogre Battlefields is not scheduled for a distribution release.

For those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign and want to guarantee that you get a copy of the Ogre Battlefields expansion, we're currently accepting preorders as part of the Pocket Box campaign. You can preorder today.

Retailers! If you would like to carry Ogre Battlefields in your store, please email retailers@sjgames.com and our team will help you set up a Warehouse 23 retailer account (where you can order a lot more than just Ogre – email us and we'll tell you all about our direct-to-retailer program!).

-- Phil Reed

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