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May 28, 2019: The Fantasy Trip: "Great Gaming Value"

The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition is an overloaded box of fun that, we think, is fantastic for anyone looking to give this classic fantasy RPG a shot. The game reached stores in April and, since then, we've seen more and more comments online about the amount of stuff jammed into the box. Those sorts of posts – as well as videos and Facebook discussions – do our hearts good and make all of the work well worth it; I've not taken the time to look at the exact number of hours invested into making that big box, but I know "a lot" is the answer.

Recently, an Amazon review by RogersHSV and Katrina R. caught our eye, with several photos and one of the kindest, most rewarding closing statements we've seen about the game:

"Bottom line: The gaming details just 'fit' and maybe more importantly  work well together to make an engrossing and fun-to-play system. It's great gaming value  highly recommended."

Okay, that's awesome. Thank you to both RogersHSV and Katrina R. for that review. Keep playing TFT, and we hope that you've joined in the Decks of Destiny campaign to get even more for your campaigns.

-- Phil Reed

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