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November 2, 2008: Attack Of The Crads!

We’re not sure what a "crad" is, either. But 56 of them will fit into a little tiny box.

When we checked the prototypes for Munchkin 7 -- More Good Cards, we found that a typo had crawled into the text on the hang-tab on top. It reads, in all its glory: "56 More Crads For Munchkin!"

We could have fixed it, of course. But it wasn’t on a game component. And it was so very stupid that it cracked us up when we saw it.

So we saved a bunch of trees and $3,500 by NOT reprinting the boxes.

However, we WILL fix it on the next printing. So please, please, please, if you are a compulsive collector, get one of these now, because we WILL NOT print any more on purpose. We still get mail asking us to reprint the Clerical Errata set, and no, we’re not going to! It was a goof, darn it!

And so is this. Though personally, I think that "crads" ought to be kind of like crabs, only meaner. Radioactive crabs, that’s it! Little flat square-cornered glow-in-the-dark crabs!

Munchkin 7 does NOT contain 56 of those.

As far as we know.

-- Steve Jackson

Munchkin 7 -- More Good Cards has arrived at our warehouse, and should begin shipping out to distributors next week. Watch for it to arrive on shelves mid-November.


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