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November 11, 2008: Munchkin Quest: The Great Unknown

Munchkin Quest has rooms, and doors, and monsters, and gold, and all kind of STUFF. We created it as a game, but we realize now it's a high-quality Dungeon Crawl Kit.

So . . . what can you do with it? We had a lot of ideas, but you know what? We're not telling. We're not even going to give you a hint. We don't want our ideas to get in the way of yours. We started off calling this a "scenario contest," but no . . . you might come up with a neat idea that's not a scenario. Let your imagination go crazy.

What kind of vaguely gamelike thing can you do with your Dungeon Crawl Kit?

It can use all, some, or none of the MQ rules. The only limitation is: you must restrict your components to what's in the Munchkin Quest core set, plus the things everyone has around the house (pencil, paper, kiwi fruit, Van de Graaf generators, and so on).

Send them to greatunknown@sjgames.com. We'll read through them and find our favorites. If we use your idea you'll get credit and a copy of the product. The entries that make us laugh the most, regardless of actual usability, will get recognition, and their creators will be showered with appropriately themed gifts.

All submissions become property of Steve Jackson Games. Entries must be submitted before January 5, 2009. Please use a Rich Text Format (.rtf) for any attachments.

No, you don't need to use the title "The Great Unknown" -- feel free to come up with any title you'd like. (Although it is an awesome title.)

-- Paul Chapman

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