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November 24, 2008: SPANC Got Off The Boat


Of the games that we've sold out of in the last few years, SPANC has to be one of the most requested reprints. And since we love Phil Foglio's catgirls as much as the next guy . . . Well, that isn't strictly true, as I'm currently sitting next to Fade, who designed the game, and I'm pretty sure she loves it more than most.

When I first wrote up this entry, SPANC was on the boat, heading to our warehouse. Then, many interesting things happened, like GURPS Thaumatology, Munchkin Quest, and Munchkin 7 arriving. Now, it appears SPANC has arrived at our warehouse, and will be shipping out to distributors, and then on to retailers, ASAP.

Watch for the return of Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls in the next few weeks.

-- Paul Chapman

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