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November 22, 2008: Boards, Games, And Geeks

By the time you read this, we'll be hip deep in the Mecca of boardgaming -- BoardGameGeekCon, organized by the founders of BoardGameGeek.com. We'll be rolling dice and moving meeples with the hardest of the hardcore gamers.

We'll be taking Munchkin Quest, the prototype of Munchkin Quest 2 -- Looking for Trouble, Revolution, and a couple of others we've got in the pipe. We'll be teaching Munchkin to anyone who will sit still for it, and we'll be looking to play some new games from around the world. (Personally, I'm looking forward to a multi-set track of Pitch Car.)

We'll also be setting up a booth, which is something of a rarity for us these days. The tables will be stocked with the entire Munchkin line, including Chibithulhu -- both the green and pink varieties.

We may have pictures or further updates (at least on Twitter) as the weekend progresses. If you're attending, stop by the vendor area between games and say hello!
-- Paul Chapman

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