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November 12, 2008: Sneaky Ninja!

Ogre Ninja

One main battery: $87 bazillion.

Two secondaries: $37 zillion.

One missile rack, with four internal missiles, and two external missiles: $497 bajillion.

ECM powerful enough that attackers cannot combine fire unless they're attacking from an adjacent hex: Priceless.*

* Technically, the Ogre Ninja is only $14, and the newly revised and recently released Ogre Miniatures is only $9.95. So while not "priceless," they're a heck of a lot easier on the wallet than actual cybertank weaponry. Or my credit card bill, even.

Plus, if you already have a copy of Ogre Miniatures, all you need is the Ogre Miniatures Update, which is free -- so that's getting closer to "without price."
-- Paul Chapman

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