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November 14, 2008: No Ogre 6e In 2009

We are closing in on a final schedule for 2009, and Ogre 6th Edition is not on it.

This makes me very unhappy, but I agree with the decision. There are two problems:

First and worst, we set a very high goal for the quantity and quality of boards and pieces. Think of it as the Designer's Edition . . .  We'd have to compromise on this goal in order to bring the game in at a reasonable price, and right now printing costs are going up, not down. We will keep working on it, but we're not going to leave the game on the schedule when we don't know yet how we can do it. (This approach may work for GM on the Volt car, and we wish them lots of luck, but we're not going there. And remember, we made more money last year than GM did.)

Second, we are understaffed on the admin side. Until we can hire at least one more experienced game editor, print buyer, or development manager, we'll continue to generate ideas faster than we can get them to you.

-- Steve Jackson

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