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November 15, 2008: Harvest Time!

Chibithulhu orchard

A semi-common question from those who have seen Chibithulhu has been "Where did you get those?"

The surprising answer: Our orchard, seen here.

The green Chibithulhu crop was great, and the fruits are available through friendly local game stores everywhere. The pink harvest was quite small -- the sugar and spice we used as fertilizer on those trees didn't interact well with the soil. As a result, we only had enough Pink Chibithulhu for Warehouse 23.

These plushes were our first experiment with PNA (Plushonucleic Acid) manipulations. Although the fruits are excellent, the trees seem to be growing in non-Euclidean directions. So get 'em while they're available -- they're great Christmas gifts!

(And speaking of Christmas . . . we've discovered that if you freeze these fruits, they turn an adorable white. We happen to have a subzero containment center, and should have a batch of these holiday-theme plushes ready for Warehouse 23 near the end of the month.

-- Paul Chapman

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