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October 5, 2020: Random Fun Generator On Kickstarter Today!


Today's the day, gang! At about 9 am Austin time today, we will launch the Random Fun Generator Kickstarter campaign and, with your support, bring this book of 20+ new dice games to your hands just as fast as we can manage! We've already run print tests and will be using a U.S. printer, so all that is left to do is to determine whether or not there's enough interest in family-friendly dice games to justify pulling the trigger on printing the book.

You can follow the Kickstarter campaign by clicking the green "notify me" button on this page. (Once the project has launched, that link will take you directly to the campaign page.)

The project is scheduled to close in one week -- on October 12 -- so please join us just as soon as you can. We would hate for you to miss out on this wire-bound book that is loaded with new dice games for children of all ages . . . even those who are technically adults!

-- Phil Reed


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