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October 2, 2020: FnordCon 2.3 Is Getting Close!

We're taking everything we have learned and putting it into another virtual event on our Discord server this Saturday, October 10. FnordCon 2.3 will run one day only, will have more games (but not too many), more dealers (but not too many), and fewer panels (starting with the ones you rated most highly last time). Panels will last an hour, with a half-hour bio break between them. All panels will give you the opportunity to ask questions!

If you like, you can spend all weekend with us (the server will open at 6pm Friday for chat, and stay open Sunday). But you can also look at the schedule right here and cherry-pick the events you most want. That's the beauty of a virtual con.

Let me call your attention to a few especially neat things:

Our Guest of Honor this time is Liz Danforth, who has been drawing neat stuff for the hobby for even longer than I've been writing! She did the first cover for Melee, for instance. And she just keeps getting better. She created all the counters for the upcoming Old School Monsters book. Liz will be visiting in the chat room and will do a scheduled "Ask Me Anything" at 5pm. She is a veteran Discord user and is looking forward to it. (And ask her about her WoW guild, too!)

• Other featured guests include Eric Lang, freelance game designer and activist, who co-designed Munchkin Dungeon . . . Andrew Walters, who coded the TFT Helper app . . . and Tollenkar, who runs the regular TFT Discord server.

• Among the games we will be running this time are Tribes, using an experimental Discord bot to help the Game Master, and that old favorite UltraCorps in a blitz game that starts Saturday morning, runs 23 turns, and wraps up in the evening. This will be a team game, so if you are new to UltraCorps but like the idea of a fast-moving 4X, it's a great time to visit. The king-of-the-hill players will be helping noobs, not demolishing them.

I hope to see you there!

Look for the final announcement and Discord invite here, Thursday night before the event.

PS - The question is beginning to arise "Will there be a physical FnordCon next year?" And we don't know yet - it is as simple as that. But the virtual things have gone well enough that we will probably do at least one a year just because we can, for as long as you think it's fun.

-- Steve Jackson

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