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October 31, 2020: New Halloween Map For Deadly Doodles

Tested during FnordCon 2.3, we've launched a new holiday map for Deadly Doodles! The Halloween map features a jack-o-lantern face and some brutal corridors. It integrates the diamond and skull coin mechanic found in Deadly Doodles 2, but with a regular d6 it is playable with your original copy of Deadly Doodles as well. The designers have put a lot of tricks into the map  tight halls, lots of dead ends, and many other challenges. But it's a treat to play, and you'll feel rewarded when you do get a high score!


Big thanks to our players at the FnordCon online event earlier this month, who helped playtest this map. You can download the map and print it out to play at home as well, but I'd suggest laminating it so that you can use dry erase markers and reuse it in later games.

Happy Halloween! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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